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Race: Horaxian Empire
Title: Ancient Arima
Classification: Planet
Distance from Horax Prime: 600 Million light years

Arima Nation (also known as the first nation) has a harsh environment, where only the strongest can survive. Most of the planet is covered with a toxic atmosphere and hundred miles per hour winds, as well as a surface temperature which is too cold and hot for the lifeforms of earth to exist. It is a baron world with creatures of a wild and savage nature, reminiscent of prehistoric earth. From this inhospitable world the first nation of the Horaxians was spawned. Now with centuries past, Horax Prime established and populated other worlds with societies raised to technological Epochs. Much of the Horaxian’s link to their ancestral people has been severed due to these technological advances. Rarely is there interstellar travel to Arima, other than for scientific research; the aboriginal people choose to remain in isolation. Deep in the sacred refuge of Arima lies the Shari fountains, where Ariman weapons are forged. The weapons are formed from ancient mythical metal with strange shift-altering properties.

The People
Arimans speak in an ancient Horaxian language; few Horaxians now understand their tongue; they say it can take fifty to a hundred years to become fluent. It is speculated that Arimans can live for over eight hundred years. The people of the first nation do not believe in concept of entitlement. In their culture, one is born with no name, and one receives no name nor anything else until rightfully earned. Arimans are ruled by an Omukama (king) but there is also a sacred sect called Kalindas, who are spiritual advisers and play an important role in their culture. The Ariman race was last seen when they battled the Black Guard in the battle of Cyclonis.

They average in height of 7 ft 10 inches but some have been reported to grow much larger. Ariman’s have an accelerated biological healing system and can heal from almost any wound. Known as mountains of muscle, their skin (which resembles harden rock) and strength factors are magnitudes higher than Anubianites- the modern day strongest Horaxians. The limits of their strength have never been properly tested. Built to survive, their bodies are able to adapted to many environments; for instance, they are able to growing temporary gills to survive for extended periods underwater. They can even survive in the void of space without a spacesuit. In addition, they have retractable claws and canine teeth. Despite their giant size, the Ariman’s are capable of leaping extremely far and reaching superhuman speeds.

Ariman’s have seven senses: touch, taste, sight, sound and smell- they are all super-heightened. But they also have electroreception and a vertical line. Their electroreception enables them to detect electrical energy, even the faint ones generated by every living creature. The vertical line operates similarly to the lateral line of sharks; enabling Ariman’s to detect atmospheric changes. With this, they can detect movement and vibrations in their surroundings. Their eyes glow in the dark like the big cats of Gaia Major, Gaia Minor and old Earth.